Trickier Than Wine

I finished the latest draft of Thicker Than Wine in October and I’m going to revisit it since there’s finally another deadline of Dec. 14. I’m a little apprehensive about revising it again for fear of overediting. then again all playwrights have the right to edit their plays when they wish. just don’t want to over think it. you know what it is? it just might be that I think that I had a pretty good last reading of it and I don’t want to do anything else to wreck it! but it doesn’t hurt to look at it from a fresh perspective.

onto the topic of adaptations. the lesson was GREAT! but at the same time very constricting in the fact that I’m afraid to share this in fear of getting a cease and desist order. I love what I’ve come up in spite of the play time duration. maybe I should just contact the author to get her blessing. I mean, I should have in the first place, but then again I didn’t even know that it would work out so well, cuz I was hecka strugglin’! should ask Allan first.

I need to write.

Article by Conrad

Conrad's a San Francisco Bay Area Playwright. He loves long walks upon the concrete and rainy days. Aside from writing words for actors to regurgitate into an audience's ears and eyes, he loves sports, 90's R&B, and learning.

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