Overheard at Coffee Garden in Sacramento. === A car? Why do I need a car? I have people drive me around. Girl. I looked like an F-O-B. Girl, I asked my mom why she let me walk out of the house like that. Girl, she said that I dress my self. Girl.

Midnight in Paris

Where to begin. Well, being that this blog is to chronicle my development as a writer, I would think that critical lessons should apply, rather than a gushy review that I Loved It! One of the writing lessons I’ve learned was that it’s always better to have the protagonist discover what they really really want…

Death by Misadventure

The Brits totally have a way with words. I was skimming an article about the death of Amy Winehouse, and the coroner claimed it was a “death by misadventure”. Now, that’s an interesting title!

The Theatre

You never forget the first time you fall in love. Not infatuation. Love. When all senses are heightened. When time stand still because all you can feel is pure bliss. Falling in love turns your world upside down, inside out, and flips you sideways – yet that immense feeling keeps your heart stable. Firm. Ready…

Being a Dick

I really could put this in the lessons category, but that kinda goes without saying. I won’t go into specifics because, well, it’s a universal character trait: being a dick. It’s that person who gives you grief in a sarcastic tone even after you’ve been nice to her or him. Such a douchey move. In…