2014 Playwriting Wrap-Up

Playing catch up 6 months into 2015!  Fingers crossed that this year will be just as productive.



Well, 2014 turned out to be a pretty good year! This year I had 8 One-Act Plays produced (1 play produced by 2 different companies 1 week apart from each other!), 2 Full-length One-Acts stage read, 1 Film shown (22 screenings in 8 different countries), and 6 short plays stage read (shared) with my Sinag-tala family 🙂

I’m heading into my last semester of my 3-year MFA Creative Writing (Playwriting) Program and San Francisco State University. All I have left is a production class and to write my Thesis Play!

I’m already planning more plays to write and produce in 2015 and the goal is to submit to more places around the country, especially in L.A. where I can finally see some of my work performed with my family there. NYC and others would be cool too!

Cheers to a 2014 and looking forward to the New Year!!!

A BIG THANK YOU to the directors, producers, stage managers, designers and ACTORS whom have given my words life this year: Daisy Castro, Cary Shoda, Jonald Reyes, Ginger Leopoldo, Ben Albovias, Annamarie Tabo, Gigi Mascarenas, Christy Aliposa, Levi Aliposa, Divina Calo, Myrla Baldonado, Caeden Jinks, Olive Leopoldo, Gabriela Weaver, Jose Agarri, Larry Leopoldo, Gabrielle Lingat, Dean Diaz, Aureen Almario, Golda Sargento, Judith Ferrer, Lorenz Angelo Gonzales, Marc Abrigo, Leigh Ann DiDomenico, Krystle Piamonte, Josef Anolin, Lynie Abadilla, Sarita Ocón, Alejandro, Darius Munoz, Cristal Fiel, Sonny Alforque, Dennis Yep, Christina Mei Chun, Jennifer Domingo, Kenny Kaulupali, Xavier Limos, Ruth Shackelford, Esther Shackelford, Ashley Smiley, Sunshine Roque, Corelise Specht, Amy Hulsey, Logan Ellis, Antmen Mendoza, Shannon Lee Pacaoan, Alexandra Gonzalez, Terry Boero, Roy Conboy, Bethany Cox, Logan Storm, Brian Snow, Meena Khwajazada, Marissa Esperanza Catubig Niles, Lorna Velasco, Ro Ambrosio Birco, Josh Icban, Nina De Torres Ignacio, Joe Cascasan, Melanie Espinueva, Rani Marcos, Aaron Niles, Vicki Zabarte, Drew Stephens, Emmanuel Romero, Patrick Silvestre, Melvign Badiola, Lucas Javier, Mahalya Paz Kim, Angela Zaniboni, Raeselle Lao, Sarah Sy, Bobby Roy, Tim Fenkell, Jen Ablog, Merebeth Smith, BJ Aglubat, Letty Alforque, Gladys Imperio-Acosta, Ben Fenkell, Dave Acosta, Brian Rivera and Lorraine De Arco.


Bang, Bang, Clap (Comedy Mystery) (dir. Daisy Castro)
The Family Fructuoso (Comedy) (dir. Cary Shoda)
Infinite Line Between Me, Lolo, and Loco (Drama) (dir. Jonald Reyes)
Tag You’re It! (Children’s Drama) (dir. Daisy Castro)
APAT: A Quartet of Short Acts by Conrad A. Panganiban
Circa Pintig, Moooh Dulce
Chicago, IL, October 2014

Holed Up at The Delta (Mystery Drama)
Stories High XIV, Bindlestiff Studio
San Francisco, CA, September 2014
(dir. Lorenz Angelo Gonzales)

Remembering Them (Drama)
Sinag-tala 2014: A Theatrical Revue, Sinag-tala Filipino Theater & Performing Arts Association
Sacramento, CA, December 2014
(dir. Christina Mei Chun)

Inay’s Wedding Dress (Drama)
The Bakla Show 3, Bindlestiff Studio
San Francisco, CA, June 2014
(dir. Logan Ellis)

Inay’s Wedding Dress (Drama)
SFSU Fringe Festival, San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA, May 2014
(dir. Ashley Smiley)

Agent Kilikili’s Mom and His Male Order Bride (Comedy)
(De)Generations: Sketch Comedy About Kids, Old People, And Everything In Between
Democracy Burlesque & A-Squared Theatre Workshop
Chicago, IL, July 2014
(dir. Cary Shoda)


The New American Order (Full-Length One Act)
Fringe Goes Long, San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA, December 2014
(dir. Terry Boero)

Welga (Act One of a New-Play-in-Development)
AMOK: A Stage Reading Marathon
Bindlestiff Studio,
San Francisco, CA October 2014
(dir. Esperanza Catubig)

Kapihan Series (Short Acts Staged Reading)
Plays Read: Tag Ur It, The Family Fructuoso, Agent Kilikili’s Mom and His Male Order Bride, Inay’s Wedding Dress, MamaSiHero, Romero and Julieanne
Sinag-tala Filipino Theater and Performing Arts Association
Sacramento, CA, August 2014


Prinsesa (Short Film)
Co-writer with Drew Stephens and Emmanuel Romero
RDM Studios in association with Scary Cow Productions
San Francisco, CA (March 2014)

Article by Conrad

Conrad's a San Francisco Bay Area Playwright. He loves long walks upon the concrete and rainy days. Aside from writing words for actors to regurgitate into an audience's ears and eyes, he loves sports, 90's R&B, and learning.

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