Getting back into the Game


Getting back into the game. Spent the last couple of months getting into the flow of a full-time job and an even fuller project that took up so much of my time that I really forgot why I went to school.

I was telling someone the other day that I miss “the hustle” of writing and getting my work out there. I missed writing and figuring out how to make my work better even. Not good.

A while ago, I pulled out a play I started in school and submitted it to The Playwrights’ Center of SF. I was fortunate to get a dev reading of it (cast pictured above) and was very happy to hear it out loud again. I got a lot of good notes and I’ll see what I can do with it!

Good to know that I’m ready to get back to the Hustle… and to the Game!

Article by Conrad

Conrad's a San Francisco Bay Area Playwright. He loves long walks upon the concrete and rainy days. Aside from writing words for actors to regurgitate into an audience's ears and eyes, he loves sports, 90's R&B, and learning.

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