more ideas

2) The Greeter… about a person who’s job is it to greet hundreds of people everyday, but sinks more and more into a hole of depression from lonliness.3) Rent-a-wife: a story about a person who posts an ad about being a part-time-wife/escort/made. based on a real posting i found on craigslist.

Remembering Fermin Tobera

I started doing research about the 1930 Watsonville riot that claimed the life of Fermin Tobera. A play is in there somewhere. The weird coinikidinky in this research is that the riot started at The Filipino Club in Palm Beach which is 7 miles SW of Watsonville, so that would make it near Moss Landing….

my new full-length play

my new full-length play will be about Filipinos in the US Navy. That’s my subject, but i have no idea about what the story will be, YET! i’m hoping that by brainstorming here, something will come out. so this started from going to a wedding this past weekend down in san diego. the wedding was…