Being a Dick

I really could put this in the lessons category, but that kinda goes without saying. I won’t go into specifics because, well, it’s a universal character trait: being a dick. It’s that person who gives you grief in a sarcastic tone even after you’ve been nice to her or him. Such a douchey move. In…


A character who does not stop talking! OMG! someone who talks like a mile a minute, but takes little breaths in between. Says “Um” and “Like” A LOT! Even though this person is totally self-absorbed, this person isn’t even aware that He’s doing this. Yes, I’m making this male. He grew up as an only…

What’s in a name? The very first time I fell in love with the concept of giving characters unique name was watching a Playwright’s (whose name escapes me right now) showcase where a good friend acted in. The playwright used some of the most unique names, albeit those escape me now as well, but it’s important to note…


I’m really starting to like people who are so confident in themselves, on the border of being cocky, that they just talk and talk and talk, yet okay with it! Aka Bernard Hopkins! Interesting character! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Character sketch on Mary. She’s in her mid 70’s. Her heart is in the right place, but she doesn’t listen when instructions are given. She likes to chat. She likes to talk about her age. – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Possible Characters

– all about Han – an uplifting play about a person named Han who’s independent spirit changes a community – need a Lola character who is either like a loud brash personality or total hippie astrology person.