Below are samples of some of my work. Thank you for visiting. Write or Be? A scene from ESPERANZA MEANS HOPE. Scene Cast: Tuesday Freas as Esperanza Tan; Krystle Jong as Abby Nguyen
MamaSiHero Cast: Aimee Alker as Parker; Lovien "Joey" Flores as Mom/MamaSiHero; Ben Albovias as Errol
Thicker Than Wine Cast: Norman Muñoz as Fredrico Jacinto-Basa; Melvign Badiola as Oscar Jacinto-Basa; Chuck Lacson as Friar De Guzman; Sabrina Sandalo as Divina Zamora; Sunshine Roque as Mrs. Zamora; Allen Ocampo as Virgil Zamora
Joperdy Cast: Jamie Nallas as Lola; Susanna Yu as Ida; Manny Cabrera as Max
Meow Meow Sixth Cast:Dennis Rodis as Husband; Jamie Nallas as Wife
The Petitioner Cast: Sunshine Roque as The Petitioner; Emmanuel Romero as The Petitionee
SpamScam Cast: Manny Cabrera as Albert Chong; Melvign Badiola as Thug #1; Dennis Rodis as Thug #2

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