Sucker!by conrad panganibanBIXBY (early 30’s) and GRASSHOPPER (early teens) sit at MUNI bus stop. GRASSHOPPER is sucking on a lollipop.BIXBY: You are not 25!GRASSHOPPER: I am so.BIXBY: Then what year were you born?GRASSHOPPER: Why you want to know?BIXBY: Cuz you look like your…GRASSHOPPER: 13. I get that a lot.BIXBY: So… what year?GRASSHOPPER: What’s your name?BIXBY:…

Star-Crossed Love

Star-Crossed Loveby conrad panganibanAt a store inside a mall. BREEZE is shopping, sees someone, and pulls JULIP to her side.BREEZE: Don’t look over there!(JULIP looks)BREEZE: I said don’t look! Did he look over this way?(JULIP shakes her head, “No.”)BREEZE: Thank goodness. Did I ever tell you about him? I didn’t. I swear that I had….