Betrayal and Forgiveness

The theme of being betrayed and betraying someone has played on my mind for a long minute now. Like what are the circumstances in which a really really good friend, or family member, betray someone that loves them. Or think that they were a dear friend. What are the causes of it? What are the consequences of it? Whom does it effect more: the betrayed or the betrayer in the long run?

All these, and then some, are just some questions on why I’d like to explore. Again, as I want to do in my stories, this goes into the human nature of a person. This can also work with Forgiveness. I forgot where I learned this, but the point of drama is to have two characters having interests at the polar opposites of each other – betrayal and forgiveness.

Article by Conrad

Conrad's a San Francisco Bay Area Playwright. He loves long walks upon the concrete and rainy days. Aside from writing words for actors to regurgitate into an audience's ears and eyes, he loves sports, 90's R&B, and learning.

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