I’m really starting to like people who are so confident in themselves, on the border of being cocky, that they just talk and talk and talk, yet okay with it! Aka Bernard Hopkins! Interesting character! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Play at the Plate

Just thinking about Buster Posey and the play at the plate and how it’s analogous with drama. When there’s a play at the plate, it means that there are 2 people with 2 different wants whom are ultimately going to collide. Who’s going to get what they want? – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Just between you and me, I’m fricken lonely. And you be you’re bottom dollar that I’m ashamed to admit this! And it sucks. I’m hoping that this is a phase, albeit a vert long depressing phase. And frankly, it’s starting to tire me out as well. *sigh* – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location:Westfield…

To do

A to do list: – research domestic Violence – brainstorm ideas: at least have something written down – think of cast possibilities – WRITE! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Getting back to square 1

Lately I’ve been feeling like a big disconnect. This past week has been so hard for me and didn’t realize it until I went to mass as to why the big rift… I’ve started getting away from God. Lord, PLEASE help me to stay true to you. I’ve felt like I let myself down because…

Good Titanic Quote

Meanwhile, “Earl” creator Greg Garcia didn’t spare harsh words for NBC either, telling The Los Angeles Times: “It’s hard to be too upset about being thrown off the Titanic.” – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Nursing Home

A family decides whether or not to put his mom into a nursing home. Questions: – why? – alzheimers? – who’s decision is/was it? – what’s the struggle in reaching this decision? – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location:3205