I’m BACK… with my MFA!

After three years of Grad School at San Francisco State University, I finally graduated with an¬†MFA in Playwriting! Above I’m pictured with the 2 of the people from my cohort, Nara and Patricia, amazing writers too. I know that it’s been forever since my last post but I can say for certain that I’m back….

Underneath the Bodhi Tree

Well, semester numero 3 is over at sfsu and I’m glad to say that I survived it. I wound up taking 15 units and after promising myself that is the last time I try taking that many units (along with having a part-time job w/ an internship), it’s looking like I’ll be signing up for…

Trucking Through

Well, this post feels like a long way coming. I guess you could say that this is a status report of the semester at good ol’ SFSU. For the most part, it’s been GREAT! I’ve written a lot of short stuff. 3 one-minutes, A TON of 10’s, and will be workshopping a longer one-act today….